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Fabulous Colour Insights

A delve into why your best colours are worn and when, is amazingly illuminating…

A powerful form of communication; colour can be used to signal action, influence mood, even physiological reactions. Incredibly, colours are associated with increased blood pressure, metabolism, memory, and eyestrain.

So, brighten your day and those around you; pop on a bit of yellow!  Just don’t use it as a background for your computer..


Why are many school uniforms BLUE?

Blue, the colour of logic, affects our intellect, it activates the mind.

Wearing the right tone can help students focus and concentrate. It also has a calming effect and can open the mind to ideas. Navy is worn for many uniforms, expressing conservatism and tradition, you can’t go wrong. The world’s favourite colour.

Light Navy is best though if your dominant palette is Light, Warm or Soft!


Red affects us physically.  It has the appearance of being nearer than it actually is; attracting attention – it can affect our heart rate! It is the colour of warmth, energy, and excitement. Wearing Red will liven up your day, wear it if your energy levels are flagging, but not when trying to calm children at bedtime…

True Red for Deep, Warm and Clears; Geranium for the Light and Softs; Blue Red for the Cools.


Why is Green so calming?

It is the colour of balance and harmony. Our eyes require little to no adjustment to see it, our eyes find it restful. We can see more variations of green than of any other colour. On a primitive level it is reassuring, green means water and food.

Wearing the lighter and brighter greens make you look and feel more energetic and livelier; wearing darker greens you seem calm and at ease.

Gorgeous Greens for all – Peacock Green for the Lights; Fern for the Deeps; Lime for the Warms; Blue Green for Cools; Verbena for Softs and Emerald Turquoise for Clears.


Purple (violet) has the shortest wavelength, it is the last visible one, hence denoting its more whimsicle, spiritual associations, along with creativity and sensitivity.

Our beautiful colour swatch simply called ‘Purple’ is in all the six palettes – we all need to wear more of this! It is a lesser worn colour, but you’ll be amazed at the effect. All my clients have been surprised to know they can wear this colour – and have liked it when we’ve tried – have a go for yourself…

What a Difference!

Look at what a difference a shade makes…all these ladies come alive in their particular shades of the same colour:



Be | Colour Fabulous is an award-winning colour image consultancy providing colour advice and analysis for men and women.

Be | Colour Fabulous is part of the Colour Me Beautiful group, Europe’s leading Image & Style Consultancy.



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Google Reviews

Jill Eastwood
Jill Eastwood
17 June 2024
What a wonderful experience! Nicki is so welcoming and soon puts you at ease. After talking through my new colour palette (it looks wonderful!), she also recommended which colour and shape of glasses would suit me, together with makeup, jewellery and scarves to finish off an outfit. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Gina Newman
Gina Newman
9 June 2024
Went to see Nicki last week for a re rate appointment as it had been a long time since I had my colours done. Turns out I am completely different to what I originally thought! It was a bit of a shock realising I could wear all the colours I've been avoiding for years and finding out that my safety zones of blues arnt actually ideal for my colouring! Since my appointment I haven't stopped looking for new clothes that match my swatches I've already grabbed a few new pieces that I wouldn't have normally chosen but I actually really love once on! 😊 I also have tones of screenshots of clothes online that I'm looking to purchase and new outfit ideas it's very exciting 😀 even my partner now finds things in my colours and can see the difference in colours on me. Thankyou Nicki you've given me my confidence back! 🌟🥰
Karen Herbert
Karen Herbert
8 June 2024
My sisters and I enjoyed a wonderful Colour Up and Party Package and we cannot recommend Nicki more highly. From the moment we stepped through the door we were made to feel so welcome and Nicki’s expertise and passion for colour bowled us over. Nicki obviously loves what she does and her knowledge and enthusiasm was energising and infectious 🤗We were so interested to learn which colours suit us best and Nicki encouraged us all to experiment with lip colour too which was a game changer for all of us. Thank you so much Nicki from all of us - shopping will never be the same again - we will be forever grateful!
4 June 2024
We had a great party with Nicki! She was really patient with us and took the time to explain everything. We really enjoyed pur afternoon and got some great tips, some new make up, and some scarves to get started on our new colour palettes.
catherine holt
catherine holt
2 June 2024
Loved this experience. I have come away with a whole new set of colours which I am looking forward to using. I also have new colours for denim, makeup and jewellery. Thank you so much Nicki. Had a great afternoon. Would highly recommend.
Hannah Phillips
Hannah Phillips
30 May 2024
I recently had a Full Works colour analysis session with Nikki, and it was absolutely fantastic! From the moment I walked in, she was incredibly friendly and made me feel at ease right away. The experience was not only enjoyable but also extremely informative. Nikki provided me with a swatch booklet that has been a game-changer for refreshing my wardrobe. Now, shopping for clothes for my holiday is a breeze! She gave me detailed insights into the colours that suit me best, even down to the perfect jewellery, makeup looks and hair tones. I left the session feeling confident and excited about my new look. If you're considering a colour analysis, I highly recommend Nikki. She is knowledgeable, professional, and truly delightful to work with!
Claire Alers-Hankey
Claire Alers-Hankey
30 May 2024
I recently had a colour consultation session with Nicki. I really enjoyed the experience and Nicki was so welcoming and friendly. The session was so informative and I can't wait to start focussing on colours that I now know work for me. Would highly recommend!
Denise Kelly
Denise Kelly
21 May 2024
A thoroughly enjoyable experience in beautiful surroundings. Nicki has a high level of passion and knowledge about everything colour related. You gain a wealth of information during the session as well as follow up information afterwards. I'm very much looking forward to sorting through my wardrobe and experimenting with colours I never thought would suit me. Thank you. X
Elizabeth Barry
Elizabeth Barry
20 May 2024
My mum and I had a wonderful time with Nicki and came away with a much better idea of how to pick colours and clothing that will make us look and feel our best. Nicki is a great host and very approachable, give it a go!
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