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All the creams, beige, black, browns and whites. However the Near Neutrals, grey, navy, blush, etc (listed on your swatch with an (n)) are all considered neutral. Wearing neutrals can make getting dressed easier and can also help you create a more minimal wardrobe.

The colours blend well because they’re so similar to each other but often lack contrast, particularly helpful for those of you with a medium to lower contrast in your look as these combinations will never overwhelm you. For this guideline I am referring to wearing these neutrals by blending them so as not to create contrast.

How to wear neutrals

Mix different textures and fabrics

Creating interest is key so mixing up the textures of your neutrals through different fabrics are an easy way to do this. Pair white denim with a chunky open knit topped with a cream silky scarf. Mixing and matching fabrics creates interest instantly.

Play with patterns

This creates more interest while wearing neutrals. Think about mixing a chunky knit with plaid. Or something geometric with stripes or polka dots. When mixing patterns, try to pair a larger print with a smaller scale to have a visually balanced look.

Use statement accessories

Tying it all together is always key. And a good statement accessory can do just that. Take just a cream top and trousers. Nice…but add a really cool and interesting statement belt and you’ve got a more wow outfit. The same goes for a statement shoe, or an interesting bag. These little details are just small touches but they can really make your head-to-toe neutral look feel so much more intentional and stylish.

Mix neutral tones

There is absolutely no need to make sure your cream top is the same as your cream bottoms. The only thing I’d stick to is a colour palette from head to toe in your neutrals. Creams and beiges? Go for it. Make it head to toe and it all feels so much more cohesive. Having some repetition and consistency in your shades and tones will help to make it feel more intentional and elevated.

Use denim as a base

If you’re nervous to wear all neutral from head to toe, especially creams and tans, try grounding it all in denim. Any shades of blue denim would work and it can help you try out all the mixing and matching. The same rules still apply as you can mix and match tones and textures to create interest throughout your look.

Introduce metallics

Metallics add colour in a neutral look. A copper shoe looks fabulous with brown, khaki, beige, or black. Silver perks up cool tones and gold is the perfect complement to warm colours. A metallic belt or bag would also add a hint of glamour.


Be | Colour Fabulous is an award-winning colour image consultancy providing colour advice and analysis for men and women.

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Lynn HazelgraveLynn Hazelgrave
19:36 06 Jun 23
I had the most fabulous, fun and inspiring experience with Nicki for the full colour works analysis.Being in my mid sixties I was a little apprehensive of what to expect, but from entering the beautiful consultation room, Nicki made me feel so relaxed.Nicki has such a great understanding of all aspects of colour and styling and was so professional, passionate and clear in her approach when choosing the best colour palette for me, which I found so helpful.I came away feeling so special about myself and both inspired and excited to start using my personal colour swatch wallet which has given me so much confidence and understanding in choosing my new wardrobe combinations. (So looking forward to my next shopping trip!!).I can’t thank Nicki enough for such a wonderful time and would highly recommend her services.
I had the most amazing experience with Nicki during her full works consultation. I genuinely can’t recommend her services enough. You can feel Nicki’s passion for colour instantly and she made me very comfortable and at ease during the appointment. Nicki really cares and it’s evident she wants to help women feel their best versions of themselves - which alone is just a beautiful thing! As someone who’s always been shy to experiment with colour personally (even though I work in fashion(!)), I came away with a new found confidence to explore colour and I honestly can say that I think about Nicki’s advice now whenever I’m shopping. The little swatch book I bought serves as a bit of a bible for me now and I’m so grateful to her for the experience!
Denise VLDenise VL
17:34 13 May 23
This was my first experience of colour analysis. Nicki is a lovely friendly consultant who shares her expertise in clothes colour and make-up. I rarely wear make-up but absolutely loved the look Nicki created for me. I feel inspired and uplifted by the whole experience and cannot wait to colourfully recreate my wardrobe and my image. I highly recommend Nicki's service and advice to anyone who feels in need of a makeover and confidence boost.
Lorna NunnLorna Nunn
15:15 12 Apr 23
The full works package with Nicki was such a fun and engaging experience! Nicki was great at showing me which colours look best on me and how to layer colours and wear them together. I liked that she not only showed me, but also explained her reasoning behind everything. I loved that she also gave advice on other things such as glasses, jewellery, make-up and hair. I came away from the session with a colour swatch booklet and new knowledge on how to dress and accessorize to suit my palette. Nicki was very professional and went out of her way to select colours and shades of make-up especially for me. I would highly recommend the experience.
Josie NicholsonJosie Nicholson
19:38 22 Feb 23
The Full Works package with Nicki at Colour Fabulous was such a fun and inspiring couple of hours. At her beautiful house, Nicki skillfully found a range of colours, tones and hues that have transformed how I chose and wear clothes. Even more impressively Nicki found a range of new colours that not only really suit my husband but he's happy to wear them too! After years of wearing the same make-up shades, I was really delighted that Nicki was able to give me helpful and bespoke advice on how to change things up and use different make up tones for different effects. It was great that I could try so many shades and Nicki was so generous with her time and advice. We came away with a range of colour swatches and lots of ideas and a new confidence in how to chose and wear clothes. I would definately recommend the experience.
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